Congratulations to the
GTU's Class of 2022

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The Graduate Theological Union honors thirty-eight graduates on the 2022 Commencement Website

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Susan Garcia Jones, graduate of the MA program in Historical and Cultural Studies, shares reflections entitled: “We Adapt and Endure”: Reflections on a Changing World on Graduation Day. Click the photo to read Susan’s Invocation. 

Dr. Rita Sherma, Director of the Center for Dharma Studies, Associate Professor of Dharma Studies, offers remarks entitled: Vocation and Wisdom in a Time of Conflict and Crisis

Master of Arts Graduates

Dennis Abraham

Ancient Syriac Spirituality: An Invaluable Resource for the Mar Thoma Syrian Church’s Diaspora Communities

Sakinah M. Alhabshi

Spiritual Wellbeing and Resilience During a Prolonged Crisis: An Analysis and Integration of Contemplation-Based and Action-Based Practices from an Islamic Perspective

Jonathan Drake

Qanon's Digital Soldiers: The Formation of a Counter Identity

Derek William Eldridge

Anarchic Order: A Christian Anarchist Vision of Pastoral Authority in Episcopally Ordered Churches

Jonah Mac Gelfand

Hasid of Whom?: Conceptualizing Leadership in Neo-Hasidism

Sakurako Iwagami

How Japanese Buddhist Communities Attract People Who Are Spiritual but Not Religious

Susan Garcia Jones

There Are Black People in the Future: A Womanist Reading of Octavia Butler's Dawn for Movement and Social Justice Values

Sok Jin Kim

Reconsidering The Akedah in Genesis 22 and the Faith of Sarah in The Akedah

Mark E. Levin

Ernst Haeckel's Attempt to Integrate Science and the Spiritual

Ellen Jane Martin

Faith in Food: How the Slow Food Movement Is Sacralizing Our Cuisine

Hanitra N. Ralaiarisedy

Trinitarian Love and Justification: The Double Gift

Adriel Ramirez

Defining Love through the Bhagavad Gītā: A Caitanya Perspective

Daniel Garner Tate

Grief as Pathway to Transformation and Growth

Doctor of Philosophy Graduates

Ki Do Ahn

Uri-Sung (We-ness) Approach of Pastoral Care for Korean Immigrant Converts to Christianity: Exploring the Evolution of the Korean Concept of Self through Experiences of Immigration to the United States and Conversion to Christianity

Blaise Cirelli

Dante in Conversation with Contemporary Theorists: Insights for the Western Secular Cognoscenti

Kelly Marie Colwell

Co-Creating Virtual Community: A Grounded Practical Theology of Mission for San Francisco Bay Area Congregations in the United Church of Christ during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bright Singh David

Economic Trinity and Emergent Complexity: Dynamic Relationality within the Divine Life

Amanda L. de Joinville

Earthly Vessel, Heavenly Bodies: Transformative Processes Underlying Ancient Wall Painting and Analytical Psychology

Nicole Marie De Leon

Marianne Moore, the Infinite in the Finite: A Pilgrimage Through Word and Image

Laura Malia Dunn

Visualizing Power: The Image of Śakti in Modern Day Trika Tantra

Nancy Snowden Gutgsell

The Science-Religion Interface in Seventeenth- and Nineteenth-Century English Contexts: Natural Theology, Inductive Experimentation, and Scientific Societies

Annie Vanessa Hawkins

Hush Harbor Pedagogy: Transgressing Imaginary Racialized Borders using Womanist Emancipatory Practical Theology to Investigate Pedagogical Formation

Uzma Fatima Husaini

The Centrality of Link Transmission (Isnād) in the Preservation of Qur’anic Orthoepy, Orthography, and Variant Readings and Recensions

Hanna Kang

Latinxs with an Asian Face: A Theological Reflection on Asian Latinx Mestizaje

Jiyoung Ko

Destruction and Creation Ex Nihilo: Mary Of Bethany’s And Margery Kempe’s Spiritualities of Nonconformity from the Perspective of Lacanian Ethics 0f Desire

Sanghyun Lee

Modern Atheism and the Mechanistic Worldview: Understanding the Rise of Modern Atheism in Relation to the Development of the Mechanistic Worldview

Zulunungsang Lemtur

Reclaiming Community-Reclaiming Democracy: Tribal Explorations in Indian Interfaith Dialogue and Peacebuilding

Cassie Lipowitz

Polyphony And Divine Perplexity: Rūmī’s Pedagogy of Storytelling in the Mathnawī

Kai Daniel Moore

The Scandalous Body of Christ: Flesh, Power, and the Queerness of the Cross

Laurent-Bernard Okitakatshi Odjango

Not a Slave, but a Beloved Brother in the Flesh and in the Lord: The Construction of Koinonia-Space in the Letter to Philemon

Shin Young Park

From Abyss to Glory: A Theo-Aesthetic Inquiry into the Self and the Other, and a Response to Postmodern Nihilism

Ismael Ruiz Abaunza

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Educators in Catholic Schools: How Synodality Can Help the Church Rectify Violations of Human Rights

Eric J. Sias

The Blood of Christ as a Ritual Detergent: Romans 3:24–26a through the Lens of the Purification Offering of Leviticus

Pamela June Stevens

A Textile Memory: The Garment of Shame of a Sixteenth-Century Englishman Suspended in the Cathedral of Mexico City ca. 1560-1667 by the Holy Office of the Inquisition

Colette L. Walker

The Mystical-Utopian Turn in Modern Art: Spiritual, Social, and Transcultural Dimensions in The Work of Arthur Wesley Dow, Johannes Itten, and Rabindranath Tagore

Todd Whelan

Beneath the Dome of St. Paul: Jews and Indians in the Protestant Imagination of the British Atlantic World, 1649-1738.

William Zangeneh-Lester

Strength Overlooked: Towards Anti-Hegemonic Pluralism and a Community College Interfaith Movement

Dr. Ismael Ruiz Abaunza, completed his Ph.D. in Theology and Ethics. He offers his remarks entitled Knowledge, Power, and God.


Dr. Bill Zangeneh-Lester, completed his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies. He offers a benediction entitled The Conference of the Alumni: Reflections on a Journey to close the GTU 2022 Commencement Exercises. 


Congratulations to the
GTU's Class of 2022